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the point of no return

17 Jul

the point of no return, dazzeling, your eyes ,my fingers, your skin.
the point of no return, I whipe, a tear , or two  away as flawless as yesterday’s newspaper of warcrime;

I remember, al the mistakes, the mess, the whole mess, through the years of rejection, and again, the point of no return.
it lingers, an so do you. as dead eyes can be, I can’t, you won’t hold on to this, to me.
forgetting, the conversations, as knifes, trough a heart. to my heart; oh I won’t forget, how flawfull I can be.
and scars, oh so many, finally revealed the truth, a question so long left unanswered . would be left unaswered for a life time.e

How Can I , How must I , There’s no dillema, there’s just a moment, that stands still in time.  I could care less. Oh I wish I dido
I must forget, I must extinguish my mind with daisies, pink cupcakes and diamonds, a lot of diamonds

the point of no return, dazzeling, your eyes ,my finger, your skin.
the point of no return, I whipe, a tear , or two  away as flawless as yesterday’s newspaper of warcrime;

I know, I’m not the same, I’ll never be. but sometimes the devil stares trough the windowpane, halfly peeled from the window and cracks all over the place. I wish I wasn’t still the same. forgetting, or changing It would be possible, megalomania, changed my point of view.

I could have taken the world on my shoulder and danced with it under the stars of faraway galaxies. Instead I looked down from my cloud, thinking I could have got it all. so I jumped Into the darkness. Not knowing that with impatientness I wouldn’t get far. So I stumbled, and forget to forgive myself again. It was my point of no return. No one can get it all; No one can get what they crave for the most.  Maybe they can, if they’re very lucky, but I must say, fairy tales are true, but only those were ladies sleep for a thousand years and others have just got away with murder, got shot by a hunter or two. The queens of evil, the big bad wolf, your anoying steph- sisters. Who fits the shoe, the shoe of glass won’t fit, my prince lost, his horse got sick, His cart got stolen and a couple of  moggers stole his clothes, now he’s too ill to get here, He said it would take a while to get here, his gps was stolen to. It would take a couple of years, maybe more or so. oh yes, the point of no return, the point of no breaktrough, the point of hessitation, the point of unaswered love, the point of no going on, getting over, and holding on.


the 411

14 Jul

B. B Homemaker, schreef dr n liedje over. our prayers are heard.

Why don’t you love me?  When I make me so damn easy to love.

En dat geheel uit een overwachte hoek:

Een goed meisje moet zichzelf niet te veel vragen stellen, maar eerder
aan de persoon die het meisje van dreigt te houden.


9 Jul

Fake, het domineert onze samenleving,

het zijn je implantaten, je nose-job,je rode contactlenzen met hartjes-irissen,je spray-tant,je gell-nagels,je haarstukje, je extensions,je mascara om je wimpers langer te laten lijken,je lipfusionlipgloss met collageen om grotere lippen te faken, Je onvermogen om nog expressie te tonen in je gezicht sinds je die botox en fillers hebt uitgeprobeerd.

je koffie van den Aldi,je panda-worstjes,je Milsa-melk, je Cola van de colruyt, je sigaretten in die oranje pakjes aan de kassa.

je designertas van “prado”, je Anaïs, Anaïs van Luca boca in plaats van van Cacherel, je nike voetbalschoenen gekocht op een marktje in het Zuiden van Spanje,Je geneesmiddelen van internet..

door de bomen zie je het  bos niet meer, en dan bedoel ik door de fake louis’tjes, chanel’s, Dolce’s zie je de echte luis niet meer. Wat is dan ook het nut om een echte te kopen als iedereen toch denkt dat het fake is. Op deze periode in je leven dan toch. fake fake fake, dan hebben we het nog niet gehad over het karakter van sommige mensen, schijnheilig,achterbaks,pretentieus, Het is maar eens dat je erover gaat denken, dat de mens graag de illusie creërt uit zelfbehoud.