I hate it.

24 Jan

I hate the way you make me feel

I hate it when it when I look around the corner, you’re still there. Waiting for me the crash and burn.

I hate that I know what you’re thinking, It ain’t a lot I tell ya

I hate that I know what you’ve been doing, Messing around and such.

I hate that that you think I still freakin’ care. But i’m tryin not to.

I hate that you’re still in my head, saying the same things over and over again.

I hate that you share your oh so meaningfull life, I don’t wanna know, what you’ve been doing at 3 o’clock in the morning

I hate it when I feel you arms around me when I’m sleepin’, cause I know you ain’t there.

I hate it when you are always sabotising me. Even when you don’t care.

I hate it when you got so plenty things to do. And I ain’t a penny worth of your time. It’s all in my mind.

I hate it that I still care, every day , every hour every minute. Every second of the freaking day.

I gotta study get out of my head you parasite. I wish we never met, I wishyou never held me, and I difinitely wish that I hadn’t stayed up all night , to help you out. You’re claiming that¬†everybody’s coming to get you, that everybody won’t be a friend of you. In that part you’re wrong. they ain’t the cause, you are.

I hate it when I realise it was such a waste of time

I hate it when everybody’s right about you

I hate your stupid smile, mourning eyes and redicilous humour.

Guess you’re thinking ” where is that line, when you say that you hate ten things about ‘m, but that you hate the most of all that you don’t hate it at all. “Well I gues you’re wrong. I only hate that it still affects me,but I don’t love you, anymore, maybe, a little, not at all.


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